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DiffDash – Free Admin Template

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DiffDash is a free admin template that provide most important elements for your dashboard app/project. It provides essential UI elements and pages such as profile, login, register, lockscreen and error page.


    • Simple dashboard, no overbloated features and elements
    • Line Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Donut Chart and Composite Chart
    • Mini Line Chart, Mini Bar Chart and Mini Pie Chart
    • Fancy Growl-like notification
    • Tabs with various styles
    • Buttons, button groups, toolbar button, button with icon, dropdown and dropup buttons
    • Styled Bootstrap elements such as alert messages, accordion, progress bars, tooltips, popovers, paginations and more
    • 670+ Font Awesome icons and includes 170 Linear Icons
    • Custom checkboxes and radio buttons
    • Basic inputs, input groups
    • Advanced form elements such as datepicker, bootstrap multiselect (intuitive select input), masked inputs
    • Form validation, provides many input validation scenarios, super easy to configure and setup
    • Built with Sass and well organized HTML, CSS and Javascript files
    • HTML and Markdown Editor
    • Cross-Browser Tested
    • HTML5 W3C Validated


  • You may use free item for personal and/or commercial use, attribution is required.
  • Item (modified or unmodified) can not be resold.
  • Item can not  be redistributed as is. You can not offer the item as is for free redistribution such as placed in website that offer free stock items/templates.