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10 Fresh & Free Bootstrap 5 Admin and Dashboard Templates 2023

Bootstrap was created by designer and developer at Twitter in mid-2010, originally named Twitter Blueprint. It served as the style guide for internal tools at the company. Twitter Blueprint renamed to Bootstrap and released as an open-source project on August 19, 2011. Now it continues to be the most popular front-end frameworks and open-source project in the world.

Once we add Bootstrap to a project, it provides basic style definitions for all HTML elements, creating uniform visual for common UI elements such as typography, forms, tables, buttons and so on. The developers have opportunity to further customize those appearances by overriding CSS classes defined in Bootstrap.

As for now, Bootstrap has released the latest version, Bootstrap 5 which added more components, flexibility and convenient utility classes that can be extended via utility API, Sass-generated tool to generate utility classes. With all the features provided, Bootstrap is not only suitable for informative web pages, but can handle complex web app front-end such as admin or dashboard templates.

Using admin template is the fastest way to create web application or SaaS (Software as a Service). With such complexities and UI elements needed to create a beautiful web application, many designers and front-end developers offer premium admin templates. However, there are also the free versions and we have hand-picked 10 free Bootstrap 5 admin and dashboard templates for your next project in 2022.


Looking for a free, all-in-one admin template? Get PlainAdmin & get blown-away by the modern & flexible design, excellent documentation, and endless customization possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you need to create a backend for your app or site, the team of developers is constantly adding new features and improving the codebase. All that in a package that’s built on a responsive framework with modern features.

Stop wasting time looking for the right admin dashboard template! PlainAdmin is the first Bootstrap 5 admin template to offer the full range of dashboard components, pages, charts, graphs, and UI elements.


CoreUI provides  ready-made, reusable, and commonly used widgets and UI components and is delivered with a ready-to-use environment, so you don’t have to waste time configuring the project. CoreUI’s responsive components delivers apps that works on all major devices, browsers, and operating systems. The other important aspect is easy to use, UI Components and widgets are written with readability in mind.


Portal is a free Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template made for developers. The design is simple and modern and the code is written in a modular way. It’s the perfect starter template for building your web app’s admin portal. 

All the source SCSS files are included so you can change the color scheme and fine tune the design components to suit your app’s branding. Built on the latest Bootstrap 5 alpha version this template is lightweight (no jQuery, only vanilla JS) and future-ready.


ArchitectUI Dashboard Free is lightweight and comes packed with a minimal set of components to get you started. If you have a simple application, it’s the perfect solution for you. It’s built on Bootstrap 5.1 and features a scalable architecture just like its wiser, older sibling – ArchitectUI HTML Pro theme. ArchitectUI also provides Pro version which is a paid templates, however both Pro and Free versions come with the ability to change their header and sidebar background color and style.

Material Dashboard 2

Designed for those who like bold elements and beautiful websites, Material Dashboard 2 is ready to help you create stunning websites and web apps. This free template provides pages like Sign In, Notifications, Profile, and so on. Just choose between a Basic Design, an illustration, or a cover and you are good to go!

Material Dashboard 2 is built with over 60 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, nav tabs, cards, or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in color, which you can easily modify using SASS files and classes.

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

This template will help you kick off your online presence in style and is flexible and responsive to work across screens and browsers. This template is perfect for tracking all kinds of data in an efficient and simplified manner. The best part is that you can get your project up and running without having to spend a dime on expensive designers or developers.

Xtreme Admin Lite is a Bootstrap 5 admin template that can greatly improve the quality and aesthetic appeal of your applications. With a number of configurations and customisations available, this template can definitely let you add your creative touch to it.


NiceAdmin is a powerful admin and dashboard template based latest version of Bootstrap framework. It provides a clean and intuitive design that is focused on user experience. The custom plugins included has been carefully customized to fit with the overall look of the theme, working seamlessly across browsers, tablets and phones.

NiceAdmin comes with lots of reusable and beautiful UI elements and components like tables, charts, login form, registration form, profile page and many more. It will just fit to any app and project you’re building.


A professional Admin & Dashboard template based on Bootstrap 5 that comes with hundreds of UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages and icons. AdminKit does not require jQuery and neither does one of the 3rd party libraries AdminKit is using.


Elegant is a simple free admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 5. It is a sophisticated, clean, and got minimalistic design for admin panels, software backends, and dashboards with material design. This template is designed by Jamshid, who is a passionate web developer and UI/UX designer. It is 100% responsive, appropriately fits all the retina screens, and also compatible with modern browsers.

Elegant dashboard built with HTML5, and JS libraries like (Dropzone, Chart.js, Quil.js). It comes with a bunch of cards displaying data, charts, lists, a collapsible navbar, search box, dropdown menu, and more. The template also includes a toggle button for switching between light and dark mode. The dashboard, sign-in, and sign-up pages are all included in this free template.


Mazer is Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template for faster development and workflow. No jQuery dependency. For free version, this templates offers you with tons of UI elements, components and  layouts. There are four additional layout provided by this template such as 1 column, vertical navbar, RTL layout and horizontal menu. Mazer also provides components that will save your time on building advanced and complex components such as datatables, drag and drop uploader and charts.